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Boss One Media Specializes in "High Performance Media Production & Marketing"

Brian Bossone's (President/CEO) Boss One Media Produces: Broadcasts Television shows, Live Motorsports Events and Represents Performance Products in the high profile performance world. Our clients range from Rich Christensen Entertainment, Outdoor Channel, NHRA Top Fuel Dragster teams, Pro Stock NHRA motorcycles and many more.

Television Production

Boss One Media produces and fulfills the need for quality entertainment content that television networks desire. Boss One Media has teamed up with veteran directors and producers like Alex Pikas (Pikas Films) and Martin Fischer (High Five Entertainment), to help produce some of the best television in the industry. Boss One Media has been hired by networks such as the Outdoor Channel, to produce and fulfill blocks of programing for their new "Outdoor MPH" (Motorsports Power Hour). Networks trust Boss One Media to produce some of the best TV in the industry, on time and on budget. Boss One Media works with experienced production personal to take your TV idea from concept to reality. We work directly with the client to produce sizzle reals, pilots, documentaries or full TV series. On time and above the clients expectations is our goal. Have an idea? Let us produce and pitch your idea... No project too small or Big!

Marketing innovations & Options!

Boss One Media takes your company or product to the next level with short version video spots. With the recent online platform changes to Facebook and Youtube marketing your company or product has a new outlet. These platforms allow you to reach millions of new potential customers in an inexpensive way. We can create and produce these online videos for your company using our professional staff and equipment. We give your brand a professional look and feel using your companies high resolution footage or we can setup and run a complete video production. Either way, our goal is to work directly with your team to produce a video that represents and markets to your targeted demographic.

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Boss One Media is not just a production firm. We specialize in "Product Integration Marketing" (PIM). PIM is not just thirty second TV commercials or products strategically placed on camera. It's a new creative way to get your product or service in front of the consumer without the threat of DVR skipping. TV has evolved and so has the ways to watch it, which includes the dreaded DVR. That allows everyone to just skip over your companies paid for thirty second commercial. This is where PIM comes in. We don't try to make better commercials. We work with the TV production to creatively integrate your product into the show itself. We turn a thirty second commercial into a simple product spotlight that looks and feels as if it's part of the show- No stop point - No skip to commercial. Your product looks and feels like it's part of the show. That's because it is!

Brand Exposure

We work hand in hand with your companies sponsorship team to take your product/brand into a whole new level of integration. We specialize in fresh ideas that bring your product and services directly in front of your targeted market. Whether it's a youtube based product spotlight hosted by a known TV personalty or a fully integrated sponsorship within a TV show, we know how to engage the audience effectively. We listen to what your team is looking for and develop ways to make your product stand out from others, using creative ideas and new technology.

Live/TV Motorsport Event Marketing

Boss One Media has produced over fifty live events. We know how to market live events, along with TV production integration. With over 20 thousand attendees at some of our live motorsports events, we can confidently say we know this market and understand the value of experiential marketing. From sponsored ticket promotions to event signage, we can handle all of your product integration needs. Boss1media specializes in TV integration during live events and works directly with production companies to ensure your sponsored product gets the maximum exposure during both TV and the live events. Got a product you need highlighted? Why not put it in front of a live and TV audience - We call that a two for one deal and no one else does it like Boss One Media!


Get your Brand Rolling! We combine some of the top names in Motorsports with brands that want high level exposure together. If your brand wants to be in the spotlight, Boss One Media has clients that match your needs. Motorsport sponsorship is a Win-Win for both sponsor and race team. Higher race budgets gives professional teams the competitive edge over other teams and in direct result, puts the sponsor in the TV spotlight. Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday is a formula that simply stands true over the years to this market segment. With TV coverage from ESPN and other media related to the high profile NHRA drag racing series, your product will get maximum exposure. Boss One Media race partners are available for individual races and full season sponsorship. We can integrate your product on many areas of the race teams vehicles including apparel and travel rigs. BossOne Media can even produce a video highlighting your sponsorship for website and other marketing needs. Contact our team to see how we can get your product or service on the fastest vehicles in the world!

Some of our New Projects, Email us for Sponsorship & Marketing Opportunities:

Outdoor MPH (motorsports power hour)
One hour motorsports programing block

ArmDrop Racing
Live & Televised drag racing show

Instant Green
Live & Televised drag racing gambling game show

Freak Machines TV
Mind blowing machines & their equally interesting builders narrated with a comical twist by Gavin Jerome
Hosted by Gavin Jerome

Call Out Live
Live & Televised interactive grudge racing events

Pinks All Out

Simon Motorsports - NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle