Boss One Media is not your average production firm. We specialize in marketing as well as video production. We have developed a unique twist on product and company integration. We call it  PIM, "Product Integration Marketing".   PIM is a thirty second TV commercial or product placement.  It's a new creative way to get your product, service or company in front of your targeted consumer. TV has evolved and so have the ways to watch it, which includes the marketers worst nightmare, the dreaded DVR and it’s ability to fast forward over your valuable marketing spot. This is where PIM comes in.  Your team works directly with our TV production to creatively integrate product into the show itself.  With strategic placement and story lines built around your company and it’s products, they will appear as part of the show and not just a product spotlight or commercial. The end result is an infomercial wrapped in a program that looks and feels like an entertaining TV show... Because it is!  Check out one example we have created called “Power Supply” click on the PDF below.